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Organ harvesting, alive or dead?

Human organs are harvested in China.

How do they harvest, alive or dead?

1. Dead

When I was a high school student, one day, we saw a lot of people rode whatever vehicles to chase a prison van. It’s said that some prisoners were going to be executed. People didn’t want to miss the great entertainment. They crazily rushed to the running prison van. The police officers on the van were scared by the huge crowd gathering from all sides. The prison van tried different directions to get away from the crowd but in vain. Soon, the prison van was going to be blocked in all directions. The officers stopped the van and pulled out two criminals and shot them. Just after the shooting, people were already surrounding them. Later, some witnesses said the criminals were carefully shot. They were still breathing. They were connected to the oxygen tank. Doctors immediately started to cut one of the criminal’s abdomen to take something out.

2. Alive

I’ve read a memorial written by a Chinese. A criminal was going to be executed for being anti-communism. Before being shot, the abdomen was cut open alive and the organs were harvested. (The memorial didn’t say the doctors used pain killer. Maybe they were more concerned about the “quality” of the organs than the pain that the criminal suffered.)